The original Doronbo Gang with Tonzura, Doronjo and Boyacky

Doronbo Gang is the main antagonist trio of the Yatterman series and the most iconic group in the Time Bokan franchise. They consist of Doronjo, Boyacky and Tonzura. They are led by Dokurobei and their goal was to locate the pieces of the Skull Stone which has the power to reveal to them to the biggest source of gold in the world.


The new Doronbo Gang with Elephantus, Leopard and Voltkatze

In Yatterman Night, many years after the group was disbanded, their decendants were forced to live in a poor remote location outside of the newly established Yatter Kingdom. The group was re-established by their decendants Leopard, Voltkatze and Elephantus with their pig Oda.


1977 SeriesEdit

  1. Kitchenbot
  2. Cakebot
  3. Umbrellabot
  4. Sportsbot
  5. Drumbot
  6. Motorbot
  7. Cactusbot
  8. Toothbot

Yatterman NightEdit

  1. Forehead Flicking Mecha


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