Go Mifune
Speed Racer
Go Mifune
三船 剛
Series Time Bokan: Royal Revival
Yatterman 2008
Debut "Alumni Reunion in the Tatsunokon Kingdom"
Gender Male
Age 17
Affiliation Monta Mino
Voice Katsuji Mori

Go Mifune (more famously known in English as Speed Racer) is the main protagonist of the Mach GoGoGo franchise and has appeared in Time Bokan: Royal Revival and Yatterman 2008.


Time Bokan: Royal RevivalEdit

He is seen driving his Mach 5 though an alleyway and almost running over the Doronbo Gang. They later get back at him by destroying the Mach 5 with their mech.

Yatterman 2008Edit

Mach Go Go Yatterman 2008

Go driving the Mach 5

Monta Mino calls Go Mifune over from his limo to help get the Doronbo Gang from following him. Go uses the "Control C" on the Mach 5 to slash their vehicles tires stopping them.

Yatterman NightEdit

Go has perished by the time Yatterman Night takes place. His families pet monkey Sanpei is shown to be the only surviving member of the Mifune family and guards the Mach 5 since its the only relic left of their family.

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