Series Time Bokan
Time Bokan: Royal Revival
Debut "Set Off! It's Time Bokan!"
Gender Female
Age 10
Affiliation Dr. Kieta
Home Present
Voice Mori Okamoto
Keiko Yokozawa (eps. 34-36)

Junko (淳子) is Dr. Kieda's granddaughter and the female lead of Time Bokan.


She is gentle, caring, erudite and resourceful. She misses her grandfather dearly, thus earning a lot of sympathy from the rest of the team. She might seem a little cry-babyish at the first glance, but vows to become stronger under the influence of Tanpei, who she has a crush on.


Time BokanEdit

Junko travels with Tanpei and Chorobou to try to locate Dr. Kieta by using the Time Bokan to try and find the time period he was lost in with the talking parrot Parrosuke giving them unhelpful hints. While in each time period, She ends up accompanying Tanpei during battle the Time Skeletons in their mechs who are following them to obtain the Dynamonds.

Time Bokan: Royal RevivalEdit

Tanpei Junko Royal Revival

Junko and Tanpei cameo in Royal Revival

Junko is briefly seen with Tanpei in the audience at the beginning of the first episode.


  • Her name is derived from Junko Sakurada, a famous Japanese singer.



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