Series Time Bokan
Debut "Set Off! It's Time Bokan!"
Gender Male
Affiliation Dr. Kieta
Home Prehistoric Era
Voice Junpei Takiguchi

Parrosuke (ペラ助) is a talking parrot from Time Bokan who seems to be the only source of information about Dr. Kieta's location.


The only thing he fears is probably his wife, Otake.


He was picked up by Tanpei and Junko from the prehistoric ages because he claimed to know the whereabouts of Dr. Kieta but throughout the series he always makes random testimonies on that. It turns out that he accidentally triggered the time machine while Dr. Kieta was absent in a particular age, and returned to the lab with it. After the journeys he took with the heroes, he reunited with his wife in the finale.


  • His voice is heard in the previews of upcoming episodes at the end of each episode before the ending theme.
  • His name is a pun on his species.


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