Steamy Outdoor Hot Spring Trip (湯けむり露天風呂紀行 Yukemuri Rotenburo Kikō) is the fourth episode of Yatterman Night. It aired on February 1, 2015.

Summary Edit

While on their journey, the gang meet a pregnant woman named Mitchan and her husband Beene, and help them out with some chores. After taking a dip in the hot springs, the gang return to find the Yatter Soldiers taking away several villagers, including Beene, to work heavy labor in Yatter Metropolis for 35 years. Feeling sorry for Mitchan, Leopard and the others beat the Yatter Soldier and rescue Beene, hoping to take the couple back to their home, while a Yatterman General named Goro attempts to track them down. Not wanting Mitchan to suffer, Beene reveals the Doronbow Gang's location to Goro in the hopes he will be pardoned from his heavy labor. After overwhelming the gang with his fighting skill and YatterPug mech, Goro goes back on his word and takes Mitchan's husband away anyway, leaving Mitchan devastated and Leopard more determined than ever to beat the Yattermen.