Series Time Bokan
Time Bokan: Royal Revival
Debut "Set Off! It's Time Bokan!"
Gender Male
Age 13
Affiliation Dr. Kieta
Home Present
Voice Yoshiko Ota

Tanpei (丹平) is the loyal lab assistant of Dr. Kieta and the main protagonist of Time Bokan.


He is a smart, sporty and courageous boy who is also he is a genius at mechanics. He is often with Junko, his fellow assistant and Dr Kieta's granddaughter, comforting and encouraging her, and has been depicted as having a crush on her for more than once. Everybody in the team calls him "Tanpei-chan". Not much of his family and school background is given.


Time BokanEdit

Tanpei works with Junko and his robot friend Chorobou to try to locate Dr. Kieta by using the Time Bokan to try and find the time period he was lost in with the talking parrot Parrosuke giving them unhelpful hints. While in each time period, Tanpei ends up having to battle the Time Skeletons in their mechs who are following them to obtain the Dynamonds.

Time Bokan: Royal RevivalEdit

Tanpei Junko Royal Revival

Tanpei and Junko cameo in Royal Revival

Tanpei is briefly seen with Junko in the audience at the beginning of the first episode.


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