The Flower That Blooms in Winter (冬に咲く花 Fuyu ni Saku Hana) is the sixth episode of Yatterman Night. It aired on February 15, 2015.

Summary Edit

With the gang constantly being pursued by Goro, Leopard gets upset when Voltkatze and Elephantus tell her to give up on pursuing the Yattermen and goes off on her own, only to be chased by Yatter Soldiers. Meanwhile, as the others are also ambushed, they end up leaving behind Galina, who is captured by Goro. Winding up all alone and injured, Leopard is rescued by an old man who treats her injuries and gives her shelter. The next morning, as Goro prepares to have Galina executed to lure out the gang, Doronjo, encouraged by the man's words, goes to rescue him, soon aided by the rest of the gang in their Flower Picker Mech.