The Hurricane Dedicated to His Mother (母に捧げるハリケーン Haha ni Sasageru Harikēn) is the fifth episode of Yatterman Night. It aired on February 8, 2015.


The gang come across a boy named Takeshi who enters himself and Galina into a sumo tournament. After some intense training, the two inevitably face off against each other in the semi-finals, with Takeshi winning easily. However, Takeshi's final opponent turns out to be a giant Yatter Mech who, despite some tough resistance from Takeshi, overpowers him. Realising the entire tournament was rigged in the Yattermen's favor, the Doronbow Gang bring out their own Genghiskhan mech to fight against the Yatter Mechs. Defeating all of the mechs and becoming the champions of all the fighting tournaments, Leopard gives their winnings to Takeshi so he can help his mother. 

Trivia Edit

  • The theme is based in the serie in 1974 of Tatsunoko Production, Hurricane Polymar.
  • Takeshi is the same name of the protagonist in the original serie, Takeshi Onigahara .
  • There is a scene which a dog of the specie St. Bernard with a red costume. The dog is same to Baron, the mascot of the serie of 1774. And the costume is the Hurricane Polymar´s suit
  • Leopard´s phase: "¡As long as Yatterman exist, the fury of justice summon us! ¡Doronbo is here!" is the same Polymar´s motto: "¡As long as evil exist, the fury of justice summon me! ¡Hurricane Polymar is here!".