This article is for the original 1975 anime series, For the 1993 OVA series that was licensed in English under the simple name of "Time Bokan" see Time Bokan: Royal Revival.
Time Bokan
Time Bokan
Directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa
Produced by Tatsunoko Productions
Music by Masayuki Yamamoto
Airdate date(s) October 4th, 1975 - December 25th, 1976
Episodes 61
Preceded by N/A
Followed by Yatterman

Time Bokan (タイムボカン, Taimubokan) is an anime series produced by Tatsunoko Productions. The series is responsible for several different spin-offs. This series is 61 episodes and ran from October 4th, 1975 to December 25th, 1976.


Dr. Kieta, the inventor of a time-travel machine known as the Time Bokan, is lost on a test run of his machine to the prehistoric past. When the time-space craft returns to the present, his young assistant Tanpei and granddaughter Junko are surprised to find only a parrot in the cockpit with a large gemstone called a Dynamond which is a powerful and valuable jewel. In their hurry to find the missing scientist before it is too late, the youngsters set out on a time-space hunt without any clear destination while an evil trio known as the Time Skeletons are trying to pursue them in order to obtain the Dynamond for themselves.

Main CharactersEdit


  1. Set Off! It's Time Bokan!
  2. It's The Greek Pratfallian War!
  3. It's a Terrifying Witch Hunt!


Time FightersEdit

Several of the historical-themed episodes were edited together and dubbed by Jim Terry Productions for the US home video market in 1984, under the name Time Fighters.

Several of the fairytale-themed episodes were also edited together and dubbed by Jim Terry Productions for the US home video market in 1984, under the name Timefighters in the Land of Fantasy.

Name changes:

  • Tanpei / Jett
  • Junko / Starr
  • C-robot / Tonk
  • Dr. Kieta / Professor Hubert Von Spock
  • Perasuke / Squarky
  • Otake / Bromhilder
  • Time Skeletons / Skulduggery crew
  • Marjo / Lucinda Skulduggery
  • Glocky / Captain Arrow
  • Walther /Mungo
  • Time Bokan / Time Fighters
  • Time Mechabuton - Time Bokan 1: Scorpion 2
  • Time Dotabattan - Time Bokan II: The Grasshopper ship (Referred to initially as the prototype time machine, only able to transport 1 passenger. Later refitted to carry a whole crew)
  • Time Kuwagattan - Time Bokan III: The Ant ship

Anime SolsEdit

The streaming site Anime Sols streamed English subtitled episodes of the original Time Bokan each week and was accepting crowd-funding to get the series released on DVD in North America. The english subtitles only ended up covering 3 episodes before the site was discontinued.

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