We're Not Angels But We'll Pretend To Be (俺たちは天使じゃないけど天使のフリをする Ore-tachi wa Tenshi janai kedo Tenshi no Furi o suru) is the third episode of Yatterman Night. It aired on January 25, 2015.

Summary Edit

As the gang pretend to be angels for the girl, who introduces herself as Alouette, her childhood friend, Galina, shows up. Despite being suspicious of the gang, Galina decides to not to report them to the Yatter Soldier when they come around searching for them. Galina explains how both his and Alouette's parents were killed by the Yattermen whilst working in their capital, Yatter Metropolis, asking the gang to leave in the morning so as to not put Alouette in danger. The next day, the gang take their leave, but return when Galina and Alouette are confronted by the Yatter Soldier for harboring them. Using an explosive mech to escape, the gang take Alouette and Galina with them on their journey to Yatter Metropolis.