Series Yatterman
Yatterman 2008
Debut "Yatterman's Rolling Out"
Gender Robot
Affiliation Yatterman
Home New Yack
Voice Masaru Ikeda (1977)
Terry Lee (2016)

Yatter-Woof is a dog-shaped mecha that is the main mecha used in Yatterman series. It's prototype was designed by Jason Lee and completed by Nat Lee.

It is fitted with a siren and a bell, similar to other rescue vehicles, and a joystick to control the other features. Its nostrils fire iron pellets, and holds two firehoses on its back. A bone-shaped power pack, known as "Mecha-Tonic", is fed to the dog robot to allow a sudden outburst of strength to ward off a deadly blow. The robot's special attack is a large group of miniature robots, usually taking the shape of land-based animals, exit the robots mouth. The mini-robots use their weapons on the enemy, causing the Doronbo's robots to explode and create a skull-shaped explosion cloud.


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