Yattodetaman is the 5th series in the Time Bokan franchise. It aired from February 7th, 1981 to February 6th, 1982 for 52 episodes.


Throughout history, mankind's quest for power has influenced the world all the way into the future. A millennium later in the Kingdom of Calendar, two royal houses became locked in combat to determine who will become rightful heir to the throne. Each successor from the two houses sends must travel through the aeons of time and find the Cosmo Peacock. Whoever brings it back will become the rightful ruler.

In the present era 1982 lies the desolated Maigret Detective Agency. Detectives Paul Tomorrow (parody of Paul Morrow Space 1999) and Tina Yesterday are whiling away the time reading magazines, until a girl appears before them. After the two deduce about when this girl came from by her strange dress, she confirms by speaking "You are quite right. I am from another era. In time, you two will be married, and I will be born from your bloodline many generations hence".

The girl's name is Princess Sunday of the Kingdom of Calendar, where her telepathic powers amaze Paul and Tracy, but are even more amazed about their future. Princess Sunday tells them her mission to search for the Cosmo Peacock, where Paul and Tracy decide to protect their descendent's future as their duty. But they are not alone, and that Autumn Dynasty have arrived to this era as well: Princess Monday and her party (the mechanical engineer First September and the giant men Two October) with her little brother Prince Saturday.

Autumn Dynasty have the Peacomputer which detects signals of when the Cosmo Peacock is. Sunday telepathically discovers Peacomputer's signal and the whereabouts of their time machine, and our heroes chase after Princess Monday, who possesses any and all information concerning the Cosmo Peacock.

When Paul and Tina arrive in time and place where the Peacock Cosmo engage in a battle body to body against autumn Dynasty. Paul uses extravagant and unnecessary weapons and ends each time defeated leaving Tina alone on the battlefield. At this point, the princess helps Paul to become the mysterious hero Yattodetaman unknown to all, including Tina. A mecha battle starts between Yattodetaman's giant robot called King Star and Autumn Dynasty's mecha, where the battle ends and the poor wretches are faxed from the Kingdom of Calendar from a different fighting machine in every episode.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Paul Tomorrow: A 15-year-old boy who is the always hungry, embarrassed, genuine, typical teenager of the 80s. Toki is a name but also mean "time", wataru means going through. (JP: Toki Wataru, IT: Beppe Domani)
  • Tina Yesterday A very cute, brave and determined 15-year-old girl who is engaged to Paul but then falls in love with Yattodetaman  (JP: Himeguri Koyomi, IT: Tina Ieri) Koyomi means calendar, almanac.
  • Princess Sunday A 18-year-old girl who is Paul and Tina's descendant (JP: Karen Hime, IT: Principessa Domenica) Karen means "calendar", hime means Princess.